A collage of 8 photos of guests, volunteers and staff at De Mazenod Door Outreach

De Mazenod Door Outreach is a Canadian registered charity, and is solely supported through the generosity of donors who want to make a difference in the lives of the poor and marginalized in Hamilton. We do not receive government operational funding.

Your financial support makes an immediate and positive difference for the guests we serve and support every day.

Your donation helps feed our neighbours in Hamilton’s inner city who are hungry and often homeless, living in poverty and struggling to make ends meet.

We provide breakfast and lunch, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Your Donation Helps Feed Our Community!

$25 feeds a guest breakfast for a week
$50 feeds a guest lunch a week
$75 feeds a guest breakfast & lunch for a week
$100 feeds a guest breakfast for a month
$200 feeds a guest lunch for a month
$300 feeds a guest breakfast and lunch for a month
$500 sponsors a Tuesday Pizza Lunch for hundreds of guests
$1000 sponsors our Famous Friday BBQ Lunch, which serves hundreds our guests!

$_______ your custom amount, for our areas of greatest needs



Every Friday, rain or shine, snow or sleet, we host a lively outdoor BBQ for our guests with food, music and fun!
This is by far the favourite day for our guests and volunteers.
Every Friday, we feed hundreds of guests – up to 700 meals on our busiest days: BBQ hamburgers & hotdogs, drinks and more special treats.
Friday is also the day we distribute pet food to guests for their furry family members.

Full BBQ Sponsorship – with recognition and the opportunity to serve: $1000

Or, donate any amount to contribute towards a BBQ.

We are grateful for all donations to the BBQ, which is offered 52 Fridays a year!


You can donate to De Mazenod Door Outreach in the following ways:

  1. Donate online now through Canada Helps
  2. Donate by e-transfer to donate@demazenod-door.ca for autodeposit
  3. By cheque payable to ‘De Mazenod Door Outreach’. Please send to: 20 Emerald Street South, Hamilton, ON L8N 2V2
  4. Call our office at 905-522-9828 to make a donation by credit card, or to discuss donation options.
  5. Monthly Pre-authorized Giving by credit card through Canada Helps, or through your bank account by completing or monthly giving form and emailing it to donate@demazenod-door.ca

Have any questions?

Please contact Diane Downey at donate@demazenod-door.ca or 905-522-9828.

Thank you for helping to feed our community and keep our Door open!

To donate online through Canada Helps, please click the button below

Special Ocasion and Memory Cards
Special Occasion Giving Cards

We are so pleased to introduce our new Special Occasion Giving Cards.

There are two beautiful cards to choose from:

  1. The “In Honour of Your Special Day” card, for a gift of a donation in celebration of a special occasion, or in honour of someone special.
  2. The “In Memory of Your Loved One” card for a gift donation in memory of a special person.

Your card can be customized with your personal message and sent on your behalf, letting the recipient know that a donation has been made in their honour, or in a loved one’s memory.

If you are making a donation and would like to send a card, please contact us at
905-522-9828 or donate@demazenod-door.ca