Opening Our Door

The De Mazenod Door officially opened on September 9, 2016 and has quickly grown from serving 10 to 12 people to approximately 350 people per day, 365 days a year.   

Embracing Our Community

Guests coming to the De Mazenod Door are treated with dignity and respect.  It is our goal that every single visitor to our door walks away with a true sense of community.    

Living Our Faith

Our ministry is solely supported through the generosity of people who want to make a difference in the lives of the poor and marginalized in our city. Donations are welcome!  


Most Reverend Douglas Crosby, Bishop of the Diocese of Hamilton, was on hand to officially offer his blessings on the opening of the Door.



Volunteers and staff prepare a variety of hearty home-cooked meals daily.  What is served depends wholly on the generous support of our donors and sponsors.



Guests line up for a light breakfast and coffee, then again for a hot nutritious lunch.  Picnic tables and benches adorn the property to create a family-type setting.


Opening Doors

Our Purpose Statement

The purpose of De Mazenod Door Outreach is to utilize our outreach ministry with compassion and empathy to nurture, comfort and aid the poor and marginalized in our community that have nowhere else to turn. We will focus on alleviating the struggles of poverty, with its many faces, and to foster a safe environment where our inner city youth can develop healthy relations for personal growth in the heart of the City of Hamilton.

Friday isn’t just the typical last day of the work week at St. Patrick Parish. Nope. Not at all. It’s a very special day, indeed.

It's BBQ Friday!

Instead of a hot lunch at the De Mazenod Door Outreach, every Friday, 52 weeks a year, regardless of the weather (rain, shine or foot of snow), guests line up down the street and around the corner for a wonderful Oldies music-filled outdoor BBQ! Each guest receives a hot dog, hamburger, bag of potato chips and a drink while singing and swaying to the music. Volunteers, the Parish Team - and sometimes even our BBQ sponsors - join together to set up, prepare and serve the hungry. Who can resist the smell of BBQ, especially in the dead of winter or on a beautiful sunny summer day? Groups, classes or families are always welcome to participate.

BBQ Friday is a day to break up the normalcy of the week, which for many of those we serve can sometimes be a tedious and lonely time. Nothing breaks the monotony like a St. Pat’s BBQ Friday!

With ever growing numbers of poor and marginalized coming for lunch, the BBQs require sponsorship. Many of the donors who sponsor a BBQ do so in memory of a lost loved one or to remember or honour a birthday, anniversary or special occasion. Each BBQ requires either one sponsor of $400.00 or two sponsors of $200.00 each.

If you would like more information about BBQ sponsorship, please call the Parish office at 905-522-9828 or email for follow-up. If you wish to be a sponsor, simply click the link below.

What a thoughtful way to celebrate someone you love, by doing something 'they' love.

Friday BBQ - Your Sponsorship in Action

A hungry crowd lines up

Our hardworking volunteers

“Our family could not think of a better way to honour and celebrate his life.”

Remembering Alex

On Friday, October 27, our family had the privilege of sponsoring a barbeque at the De Mazenod Door Outreach located at St. Patrick’s Church in Hamilton. It was held in memory of Alexander Donald, son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend, who passed away suddenly in September. Our family could not think of a better way to honour and celebrate his life. Alex would be so happy that we helped those in need! And what an experience it was! The BBQ was super organized. Sherri, Diane, Rita, Kat and Dan were so helpful and both Fr. Tony and Fr. Jarek were there to support us. We could feel the sense of fellowship in the St. Patrick Church community and the presence of God in the exchange between us and those that we served. It was an eye-opening experience for us, one that also opened our hearts. Some comments from family members:
‘ Everyone was so grateful! ‘
‘ Beautiful experience!’
‘ Everyone was so polite. It was amazing!’
‘ One gentleman said that he would pray for us.’
‘ What a church! God feels so alive here!’
‘ I can see God’s work in action! ‘
‘ This experience has opened my heart.’
The entire Donald family would like to thank all of the extraordinary people at St. Patrick’s for giving us the opportunity to share our love for Alex. He would be so proud!



  • Coffee
  • Coffee Whitener
  • Sugar
  • Soft Fruit (bananas, oranges, grapes)
  • Tins of Hot Chocolate
  • Eggs
  • Lunch Meat
  • 16 oz. Paper Cups
  • 8 oz. Styrofoam Soup Cups & Lids
  • Fruit Cups
  • Granola Bars
  • Ziploc Sandwich Bags

Mission with Youth

Every Friday evening 30+ children from grades 7 through 12 gather from this inner city community for fun and fellowship in the St. Patrick School gymnasium for the Friday Open Gym program.  It is a welcoming and safe space for kids to enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, soccer, board games and many other activities.  Hot dogs and hamburgers left over from the Friday BBQ, pizza, snacks and a cold drink are appreciated with enthusiasm!

In Their Own Words...

  • “I moved to Hamilton from Buffalo, N.Y. last year and although I had difficulties finding work, the Door has helped keep my stomach from being empty, my motivation and spirits high, and my hope and faith in the goodness of mankind is alive and well!”

    DeMazenod Door Guest
  • “Thank you for the kindness and generosity and the donation of time and energy to serve us supper.”

    J. Vacola
    DeMazenod Door Guest
  • “I’m positive the strength of my gratitude is felt by us all. I love you people. You have helped me so much. There is very little I wouldn’t do for you.”

  • Hi, we’re Sophia (11) and Jamie (9). We live in Oakville. Our Mom went to St. Pat’s School over 30 years ago. When we found out that we could help serve a beautiful Christmas meal to those in need we wanted to participate as well. Our Uncle and his girlfriend were also serving meals. We asked for tables side by side so we could work as a family. We learned never to waste food because the less fortunate sometimes don’t have anything to eat at all. The guests at our table were so friendly, kind and happy to be there. We were happy to be there as well and the food was really yummy! It was such a nice environment with people laughing, hugging, and there was even a harpist playing there. We would LOVE to come back and serve again! It was an awesome experience! Thank you for letting us share in this special occasion.”

    Sophia & Jamie

With Special Thanks...

We are extremely grateful to Mr. Pat Daly, Chair of the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board, and to Sue Verrelli, past principal of St. Patrick School, who was on board with the idea from the first time she heard it. This new partnership formed between our church and the school opens the door for many more opportunities down the road. God Answers Prayers in Concrete Acts of Mercy:  This ministry is made possible by many, many prayers and God opening and blessing the hearts of the generosity of people.