Erin Dermody –

Education: Hons BA, MSc, PhD.    Profession: P.X. Dermody Funeral Homes

Why I Am Interested in DeMazenod Door Outreach…

My great grandfather Percival Xavier Dermody was a child of St. Patrick Parish. Born in the Parish in the 1890’s, it was in many ways the focus of his family and business life. The Parish then – as it does now – promoted active participation in its faith community (such as that of DeMazenod Door). It reached out to those in need. It’s warm, welcoming attitude built fellowship and meaningful relationships within the community. As his family had done for years, he contributed to Parish life in a number of ways, including in his role as Head Usher for many years. St. Patrick Parish nourished his spiritual life and his personal relationship with Christ. But, the Parish also had a fundamental role in meeting the social needs of its people. So much so, that when Perc faced being laid off from his work with a cartage company during difficult economic times, it was the Pastor at St. Patrick who suggested that Perc might consider working with William Gormely, a Funeral Director whose establishment was located at 7 East Avenue South, across the street from the church. And that is where Perc, and after his death in 1950, three generations of his family, have continued to share in the life of the Parish and continue to have the privilege of caring for those who have died.